AllyO emerges from stealth, launches a fully-integrated website
and marketing automation to drive pipeline growth

The AllyO founders were building the first-ever chatbot based recruitment platform for the hiring market—especially for high-volume recruiting in retail, restaurant, and other services businesses, where the drop-off from application-to-interview schedule was over 95%! The AllyO bot removes the friction in the entire recruitment process, and after more than two years in stealth, the company had raised one of the largest Series A. They decided to come out of stealth.

Working with Purplepatch, the leadership and marketing team created the brand positioning as the End-to-end Recruitment and Employee Engagement Platform.


The client had three major requirements:

Build a brand presence that showcased the enterprise strength of the product, as they were targeting large enterprises and the HR leadership
Create engaging content and immersive experience that mimicked the product experience, since they wanted the product to be the hero
Establish a mature marketing infrastructure to help scale in-bound leads, automate many of the marketing functions, and cater to a growing marketing team

Working with the business and technology leadership, we helped create the first ever solution matrix for the company:

AllyO Connect for Applicants and Employees
Recruitment Automation Bots that automate the entire process—Capture & Apply, Screen & Assess, Schedule Interviews, Talent Pool Engagement, Employee Referral
HR Automation Bots that created automation for the first time in some of the traditional processes like, New Hire Check-ins, Onboarding, Internal Mobility, Ethics & Compliance Management, Employee Pulse Survey, Exit Feedback Survey
We worked with the sales team to identify what would be good MQLs and metrics for form fills, gating content, and chat hand-offs. Our team implemented specific forms for each page, A/B tested the right position for these forms, tested gating content for frictionless download, and the entire chat workflow before the conversation was handed off to a sales person.
Our team of content writers worked with the CTO, product marketing, and sales teams to create the content plan: web pages, solution components, case studies, blog topics, white papers, and infographics. Targeting millennial employers and employees, we used the right language, judicious amount of text that engages their attention span, and a journey-based content structure. As the reader became more intrigued with the product and site, we fed deeper and longer form content, thereby ensuring there was very little drop off.
Based on this matrix, we designed the site navigation and created a full website on WordPress, including integrating the site with HubSpot, heat maps, and Salesforce CRM. We also implemented a chat bot for the company itself.
Finally, we refreshed the company’s Linkedin and Twitter presence