As intelligent automation proliferates into all business processes, our client, formerly called SimplifiMed, was uilding out a solution to create a more engaging way to help clinics, hospitals, and other care provider organizations transact with patients in real-time. Most of the front staff in these organizations spent time in repetitive tasks like patient appointment reconfirmation, rescheduling, and no-shows management; care reinforcement including timely medication and reminders for care appointment; and other mandatory paperwork filing and updating the Electronic Health Records (EHR.)

To deliver care to the patient’s point of use, SimplifiMed created a chatbot-based conversational patient experience management platform that is tightly integrated with a growing list of EHR systems currently in use across the healthcare industry. As the pilots began to show quick success and adoption, clients helped grow the product feature list that automated many other tasks.

The client approached us, given our experience in the bot marketing space, and wanted to formally launch the company at a HealthTech event in the Midwest.

As a first step, we began by getting on some of the sales calls with the client to understand how they pitched the product, their story, and the value proposition. It became clear that the solution was superior to competition, but clients couldn’t recall the company name or were spelling it wrong when looking up the website.


After much discussions, we helped the company rebrand to the name: Asparia, derived from the Greek word aspasios, meaning embrace or welcome.

Since the chatbot offers a very elegant and minimal user interface, yet is built on highly complex algorithms, we wanted the logo to reflect a similar understated power. The new logo used a clean bold font, and an abstract of the chat icon with a continuum of engaging the patient and provider, and the core messaging was tailored around Conversational Patient Experience Management.

Working towards the event launch, we planned out the website to build on the success of the existing customer pilots, and the benefits to the different buyer personas—clinics, hospitals, and the regional care providers.

It was also important to showcase the integrations the client had built across the different EHR brands, and the ease of deployment (in days and weeks) that delivers immediate ROI to customers.

We also developed a comprehensive features list page that is designed to grow as the product grows more features over time, and developed a good resources section including blogs, whitepapers, and case studies.

As part of the engagement, we carried the branding and corporate imaging to the event—designing the full booth experience, video content, and event handout material.


We continue to work with the company to help in its outbound digital marketing: setting up a marketing automation platform, and building the right buyer personas for different product features.

As the healthcare chatbot market is fairly new, we are helping Asparia with product evangelism, freemium engagement design, and growth.