Cross-border Services Innovation firm TaaSCom builds traction in helping companies transform into as-a-Service economy

TaasCom, the as-a-Services innovation company, is based in India, and chose to work with Purplepatch to launch the brand, market penetration, and customer acquisition programs.

The Subscription Economy is changing the way people are buying: from things and services to experiences. The TaasCom leadership recognizes this transformational change, and how enterprises are struggling to move from point transactions to owning the entire experience delivery. Even as they are building a multi-dimensional platform that would help their customers embark on a data-driven transformation process, the leadership realized that evangelism and concept marketing would be key drivers to build out their sales pipeline.

Launchpad: TaasCom and Purplepatch decided to use a business conference in Chicago as the launchpad for the brand, and built out a complete marketing program to align with the event, our participation, product demo, and audience engagement.

Website: It was imperative that the anchor of our digital marketing program, the website, serves as a guided experience for prospects to understand what we could help them with, how, and why they should be considering transformation now. We designed the navigation to uniquely guide visitors to learn the importance of having to transform their business now, take small but iterative steps in transforming their process, platforms, and people to align to the as-a-Service business model, and show how to embark on this process.


Digital marketing: We have embarked on a year-long evangelism and network building exercise, where we leverage our powerful content factory model to help the client cadence a series of educative, thoughtful, and inquisitive content across B2B portals, social tools, and campaigns. These are designed to continuously build interest in the as-a-Service models, how customers could leverage the TaasCom platform to accelerate the transformation, and begin with quick PoCs in some of their business units.

Network effect:The transformation into an as-a-Service economy cannot be done by a single entity, as many companies rely on an extensive range of support systems to deliver current customer engagement. Purplepatch and TaasCom are launching an independent thought leadership portal that envisions building consensus amongst all players in the as-a-Service economy, design standards collaboratively, and accelerate learning for new customers who want to embark on this journey.