Our recent whitepaper, “B2B Marketing in the New Reality,” A guide for marketing leaders.


New product launch? Establishing a market position?
Trying to convey a disruptive approach to solving a problem?

A white paper can help you set your brand ahead of competition, initiate interest and inquisitiveness in audience, and build respect for your company’s approach to the business. White papers vary by business, industry vertical, and intent.

Here are some questions to help you get started:

technology trend

Is this white paper about an industry shift or a technology trend?


Why should your audience worry about the shift or be interested in the shift?


Who will benefit from reading this? (Business unit head? CIO? CTO? CFO?)

industry analysts

Are there industry analysts who are covering this space and publishing data?

What is their benefit

What is their benefit?

What are winners doing?

What are winners doing?


What is the market size or opportunity from this shift?


How is your product or service enabling this shift?

Ofcourse, there are a lot more questions that will need to answered to get your white paper going, but these should get you started.

We adopt an iterative approach to developing a white paper:



We set up a series of meetings and interview sessions to discover your vision for the white paper, the intended audience, and the intended use for the asset. We also discuss topics, a table of contents, and the required information for each of the content elements. Working with our clients, we find definitive research, market validation, and support material to strengthen our client’s thought leadership.



Our team of writers work with the client point-of-contact to develop the first draft, identify gaps, receive feedback, and build a formal draft. This is continually improved through discussions, feedback, debate, and research. In about 3 weeks, we are able to produce a formidable final draft that is ready for publishing.



As content is best consumed when well-designed, we take the final draft through an elegant design process from page layout to graphics, images, illustrations, and aligning the corporate brand guidelines. We also build in interactive tools for tweeting, sharing, and other social engagement.



We help the white paper amplify presence in marketing with publishing support, including setting up landing pages for the white paper, email content and design, and social post banners


A guide for
marketing leaders

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