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Stories connect people

Stories connect people. Stories inspire them. And stories motivate them to take action.

There is innovation happening everywhere:

Winners tell brilliant stories.

In the large conference rooms, at the coffee shop around the corner, and of course, in the famous garages and living rooms. Ideas and disruptive thinking abound in the Silicon Valley.

What sets the winners apart is how they tell their product and brand story.

Stories connect your products to buyers.

To win your buyers’ attention, you need to tell stories. Brilliant stories. Show them how you can solve their problems. Inspire them to build consensus around your brand. Motivate them to take action faster.

Stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone according to Stanford University. Stories forge emotional responses that establish connections and move people into action.

There is a substantial risk involved in every enterprise purchase decision:

Stories engender confidence

The business customer won’t buy unless there is a substantial emotional connection to help overcome this risk.

As audience-based marketing is rapidly replacing product-driven marketing, industry and persona-based stories build the foundation of a powerful content marketing strategy.

Our clients have won repeatedly by crafting brilliant stories around their buyer personas, and shortening the buying journey by gaining their emotional confidence.

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