To draw a parallel from Warren Buffet’s view on money, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die,” content will work to encourage prospects to build trust, gain insights, and help answer their questions when you are not around—and yes, while you sleep too.

And why should content be boring? People like to read stories—bold messaging, brilliant ways to solve challenges, and a bounty of success in the process.

We help B2B product and services clients transform their traditional factual marketing content into compelling, buyer-aligned, multi-channel assets. With your audience consuming content on different devices and channels at different times of the day, it is important for your marketing content to be designed for such diverse consumption.

At the core of our content factory lies the content calendar: we build a matrix of different buyer personas, their challenges, how our clients’ products and services address these business challenges, and topics that will trigger interest in these prospects to read and engage with their digital presence.

From this content calendar, we help our clients develop a content stream for different stages of the buying cycle: awareness, consideration, selection, procurement, and experience.

Top of the funnel
  • Website content

  • Blogs

  • Thought leadership posts

  • Whitepapers

  • Videos (business-centric)

  • E-books and infographics

  • Email campaigns and social posts

Middle of the funnel
  • Solution sheets

  • Data sheets

  • Case studies

  • Technical whitepapers

  • Architectural presentations

Bottom of the funnel
  • ROI Calculators

  • Customer testimonial videos

  • Product or Solution demo videos

  • Product or Solution integration
    and security use cases

Does your sales team ask for more content assets? Do you have content gaps?
Does ongoing content creation take too much bandwidth?