January 29th, 2021

10 B2B Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

The past few years thought that voice search engine optimization (VSEO), data-driven marketing, and artificial intelligence were just dreams of the past. However, most business owners consider these among their top priorities in their marketing strategies in 2021.

Your business needs to prioritize these B2B marketing trends if your goal is to compete with others in this online world. You must be flexible and adapt to the changes in digital marketing.

These present times are quite different from the past as there are rapid changes in technology marketing and consumer trends. Old methods in marketing will not work forever.

Here are the top 10 B2B marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2021.

1. Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence serves as an important tool among businesses as the amount of data being collected and transferred grows. “By 2025, IDC says worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes, with as much of the data residing in the cloud as in data centers,” according to Network World. Artificial intelligence has numerous applications in marketing. AI allows deeper understanding of the target clientele through the application of machine learning and big data analytics. It improves customer interactions as AI eliminates guesswork through detailed insights to marketing campaigns. Moreover, AI automates processes and reduces the workload of the personnel involved. This reduces the expenses of the business and results to productivity increase.

2. Original content.

Content mediates between B2B and B2C marketing strategies. Since content is king, marketing strategies that do not prioritize it will eventually fail. There are different ways where content can be marketed properly. Content should be based on keyword research. Long format and short-format content pieces can be mixed. Content could be sold to clients, partners, and executives. Subscribers and followers should be build. Paid promotion strategies can be adopted for high placement of content in the SERPs.

3. Attract new customers and retain loyal customers.

Retention marketing involves listening to new customers but taking good care of loyal customers. Businesses who take care of their customers will have customers that will take care of the business. Selling products to an existing clientele is less challenging compared to pitching it to a new person. Businesses who have better customer retention marketing strategies will have an extensive and better customer profile. Finding a new client is five to twenty-five times more expensive than retaining a loyal customer. Businesses who have a steady and a loyal customer base have a great asset.

4. Predictive analysis.

Have you ever purchased a dress from Amazon or Ebay? If yes, you might have noticed that your feed from these sites is now filled with suggestions with similar dresses. Predictive analysis is powerful as it is like personalized recommendations based on user behavior patterns and consumption. Even though Amazon or Ebay is more on B2C, B2B clients are also human and their purchasing behavior is similar to the customer pattern.

5. Video marketing and augmented reality

Content becomes more engaging, eye-catching, and accessible when video marketing and augmented reality are employed. B2B marketers should employ these in their marketing strategies. Video marketing is important as it brings the visual aspect into a potential buyer.

6. Micro-influencers will be the trend.

B2B marketers should collaborate with micro-influencers as these people have small, targeted communities. Influencers often are ambassadors of various brands and they have limited time. When they are called upon by B2B marketers, they are more expensive. Thus, it would be best to partner with micro-influencers.

7. Surge in Digital Events

The pandemic has caused a surge of digital events in 2020. No business was exempted from this trend. However, online events will not be going away soon. The benefit for these digital conferences is that there is a wider reach for the target clients.

8. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Digital marketers should maximize the potential of user-generated content. This type of content can be used to attract potential clients to purchase by offering gift coupons or discount offers.

9. Better Interactive Content

Interactive content has replaced typical text and this includes reality ads, embedded calculators, quiz and polls, and other videos. Clients feel the authenticity of the brands if they see interactive content as they feel more connected during the purchase process.

10. Increase in paid advertisements.

Both organic search and paid ads contribute to the goal of reaching more target clients. Both have advantages in B2B marketing strategies. However, paid ads provide a better way of measuring and a faster way of marketing compared to organic listings.

The success of businesses often falls on the hands of its B2B marketers. With these tips, hopefully businesses will be able to create strategies for their growth this 2021.