July 2nd, 2021

B2B Tech Marketing Tools for Lead Generation

Blurb: Stop doing things manually! There are more efficient ways to find prospective customers through the use of certain modern marketing tools!

As someone from the B2B tech industry, you know how much technology has dramatically transformed the way we sell and market. The tools of big data and machine learning have now streamlined the way companies gather high-quality prospective leads that help reach their marketing and sales goals. It feels like the more modern tools you use, the better.

Or is it? We do think that simply using a bunch of random platforms is not an efficient way to follow. Each tool that you adapt in your marketing campaigns and strategies should be chosen carefully and well-integrated so that it can be effective in helping out your target results. Build up your marketing technology stack by considering your needs, scale, and resources!

Here are some of the most useful tools you can use to get started!

CRM and marketing automation tools

How can a customer relationship management (CRM) tool help you? Essentially, this system can keep track of all your B2B customers and leads. Using this tool, you can also use some very useful lead generation features like SEO recommendations that help with personalizing your reach, as well as email marketing automation. A CRM often works best with a marketing automation tool that streamlines your workflow and outreach, and even manages your campaigns and activities. Some CRM and marketing automation tools also have features such as integrated calling and email tracking, as well as customizable deal pipelines, tasks, and reminders. You can even build a customer profile based on social media activity, page visits, and other interactions!

Prospecting tools

When it comes to B2B lead generation, it's better if you rather focus on quality over quantity. Don't get discouraged if you only acquire 100 leads whereas your target is at least 1,000 leads. Focus on the 100 and make several high-volume deals, as this will certainly provide better significant conversions for you. To help you with this, you can use a prospecting tool that allows you to uncover more high-quality leads. These prospecting tools can help you move faster, gather intelligence better, engage more prospects, and ultimately, close more deals.

Sales engagement tools

Now you got your prospects. This time, it's important to handle all your outbound communications at scale using a tool that allows you to set up and track what engagement and communication efforts need to be done and by whom. With an engagement tool, not only will you have access to any data you need, but you can also organize your pipelines and prospects more efficiently. You can also send out automated messages based on your prospects' behavior and measure their engagement activity for more convenient reporting.

Email spam checker tools

You can make maximum effort to create the most perfect email campaigns...only to end up in your prospects' spam folders. Isn't that frustrating? With the use of an email deliverability tool, you can easily sort out deliverability and spam-related issues instantaneously. How do these tools work? They do some important technical settings like running content analysis and making sure your emails pass spam filters--so as to maintain the health of your domains and so that your email deliverability maintains a high score.

Which of the abovementioned marketing tools are you planning to use for your campaigns? Which ones have you already encountered before? What were your experiences using these tools?