Demand Generation: Ways to Sell Cloud BI Solutions

April 2nd, 2021

Demand Generation: Ways to Sell Cloud BI Solutions

Cloud business intelligence (BI) software presents a lot of benefits to businesses and organizations, helping respond to market changes and improve business strategies because it gives access to real-time data. Despite the benefits, we can all agree that selling or marketing Cloud BI solutions to corporate executives and other end users is still a great challenge because most of them still have doubts about the security and privacy aspects of it.

So how do you get past the posted challenges and convince decision-makers about your solutions?

You can never go wrong with value.

If your solution can make a company’s business process much more manageable, more often than not, you don't have to worry so much about selling. Your product will speak for itself. Customers always consider cost in contrast with value, functionality, and deployment timing. Any product or service that offers value to the consumer and leads them to a better ROI will always win against its competition.

Simplify service packaging but highlight added benefits.

Customers don’t want to be bothered with multiple subscriptions and a la carte service fees. That's why it's better to create value-added bundles that meet customer needs and simplify management and billing. However, the market is also sometimes under the misconception that there are no added benefits when using cloud services, especially when it comes to security. So work around highlighting the enhanced enterprise-grade security features available, one that outweighs the protection offered by a data center--in the simplest messaging possible.

Give away incentives.

A fail-proof strategy in selling: give away free stuff. Free SaaS eBooks will always entice prospective customers and best of all, it's a budget-friendly technique to give an opportunity to new communities to try the product, and benefit from new learning for their business.

Tap the following of influencers and experts.

People who are experts in the field should be incorporated into the process of marketing. Their credibility is important in grabbing the attention of your market. Moreover, influencers with a huge following (those who believe in what they advocate) can help you get your solutions across.

Turn to story telling and curated content.

Truth be told, the Cloud Bi Market size has now become saturated with options and presenting a different angle is one of the biggest challenges in selling your solution. Having a clear storytelling pitch with authentic and attention-grabbing content can increase engagement with prospective clients significantly. It should be crafted in an easy-to-understand manner. Moreover, singularly attractive and engaging content is what makes certain companies stand out versus the rest. You can separate yourself by taking the cues from a customer base.

Build cloud partner profiles.

What is the most effective and efficient way to be updated about what qualified partners bring to the table (including services, support, and pricing options)? What is the best way to understand how their revenue models impact your business and contribute to your revenue? Be sure you understand what cloud vendors are offering by maintaining cloud partner profiles.

How do you market your Cloud BI Solutions? What are the usual challenges you encounter?