Finish Strong 2020: End of the year B2B Marketing Strategy

December 11th, 2020

Finish Strong Your End of The Year B2B Marketing Plan

The year 2020 has been full of world-shifting events. Effective B2B marketing strategies this coming 2021 may be different from what worked in the last couple of years. As the end of the year approaches, let’s take look at these B2B marketing tips that will allow you to create a predictable and repeatable stream of new leads, customers and revenue not only this Holiday season but in the coming new year as well.

Understand your B2B Buyers’ journey

What’s B2B buyer’s journey? It is the research and decision-making process, leading your target audience to purchase. To be able to market your product or services effectively, it’s important to take the time to understand your target customers first. If you take a walk into B2B buyers’ shoes, you will better understand which challenges they are facing before making a final purchase. Understanding your buyer’s journey will make it easier for you to support them in the purchasing journey especially in the coming year.

Continue to Publish Content even during the Holiday

There may be a decline in activity during the Holiday season but after being away for the Holiday break, your audience will eventually come back to consume content. They might not get to it right away, but many will sooner or later. Publish Holiday related content or your plans and product launches in 2021. Think about how your content story aligns with your strategic plans for the coming year, and how this can set you apart from your competitors.

Be Available during and after the Holiday

Be present and available in addition to reaching out around holiday time. Thank your customers. Respond to comments, reviews, and messages right away. Be sure to address customer service issues promptly. It is a huge advantage to be available to your customers during the crazy holiday season. This gives you a window of opportunity to close sales, since most of your competitors are probably busy with the craziness of the Holiday season, and not being responsive or available to your potential customers.

Reach decision maker with the Power of Social Media

The holiday season offers a great opportunity to reach out to decision-makers. You may not close the deal during the Holiday because their budget has depleted or they are out-of-office already. But you can certainly position yourself as an ideal partner for the New Year with the power of social media.

Build brand awareness during around this time through your social media channels. Building brand relevance helps you get in front of decision-makers at the end of the year. Establish your key messages and values and incorporate them into your social media content. Decision-makers may not be ready to purchase during the holiday season, but you can use this time position yourself as a helpful, valuable partner they can turn to once they have the budget to spend.

Focus on Your Annual Marketing plan

One of the most important end of year activities is building your annual marketing plan for the following year. Creating your marketing plan will involve reflecting on the past year’s performance and identifying your most and least successful initiatives and campaigns. Identity goals for the coming year and the actionable steps you need to take to reach them.

What are you hoping to achieve with your B2B marketing efforts in 2021? How do you plan to do it?