How to Align Content to Your Buyer Journey

October 4th, 2019

How to Align Content to Your Buyer Journey

Running advertisements is no longer enough to reach customers and buyers. Marketing guru Seth Godin wrote that “the internet… was not invented so marketers could run internet ads.” Businesses have realized this and have started creating and publishing online. This has created a tsunami of content. Facebook users share 2.5 million pieces of content, Twitter users tweet 300,000 times, and email users send 200 million messages – every minute.

To avoid getting lost amidst a deluge of posts, businesses need to create content pieces that connect their brand to their customers and their values – content that their prospects can resonate with. Businesses can do this by aligning their content with where their customers and prospects are in their Buyer’s Journey. Here are four simple steps to follow:

Step #1: Know the different stages of your prospect’s Buyer’s Journey

A prospect goes through four stages prior to making a purchase decision:

Stage 1: Prospect is unaware that he has a problem (Problem Unaware)

Stage 2: He is aware of the problem (Problem Aware)

Stage 3: He is aware of the solution (Solution Aware)

Stage 4: He is aware of the products that are available (Product Aware)

The journey ends with the prospect finally deciding to purchase the product.

Step #2: Understand what content types fit each stage

Prospects respond to content differently depending on what stage of the Buyer’s Journey they are in. For example, product promotions and blog posts discussing advanced features work best for potential buyers in Stage 4. However, prospects in Stage 1 will not even scan those kinds of content. What works for prospects in Stage 1 are industry trend pieces or articles that teach them how they can do something easier, better, or cheaper.

Step #3: Learn how and where buyers discover and consume content

Businesses are discovering that it is not enough to create only one type of content if they want to reach their target buyers. Potential buyers discover, interact, and engage with various media formats such as text, graphics, and video differently depending on where they are in the Buyer’s Journey.

Aside from creating the content itself, businesses also have to understand where and how to deliver this content. According to content marketing guru Neil Patel, when creating content that create the greatest value, “the best method is to make sure you know your audience, analyze your data, test different types of social media content, and develop a powerful strategy.”

Step #4: Create, create, and create content

It is imperative for businesses to consistently produce relevant content to satisfy their prospects’ needs. If your prospects are not consuming your content, chances are they are consuming your competitors’. At the same time, your content creation strategy should be scalable enough to leverage different media formats for maximum reach and impact.

Do You Want to Create Smart Content?

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