May 12th, 2021

Tactics to Improve Lead Generation in B2B Tech Marketing

Every modern-day marketer knows what lead generation is and how important it is in keeping the business up and running through modern times. While for some industries, there already seems to be a tried-and-tested formula that CEOs and CMOs can follow, there are niche businesses like B2B tech that require a whole different set of directions. This is understandable given that these niche businesses involve selling complex technologies with high price ranges, and before you can even begin to grab the attention of a potential lead, you need to establish a strong foothold and expertise in the field first to be assured of sustainable success. It's not surprising either that sales cycles for these types of businesses can last for weeks, or even months.

However, with the right tactics in place, you can be sure that you can bring in more high-quality leads for your B2B Tech business in no time!

Build brand trust through earned media

More often than not, your potential customers are very smart and digitally savvy. While a typical ad content will possibly garner their attention, they are more engaged with real product experiences through the form of earned media. This earned media may be in platforms like publications and broadcasts, blogs and social channels, products and reviews, and even award bodies.

Your potential leads enjoy free trials so get smart before they outsmart you

As we reiterate that your potential leads are digitally savvy, this market knows a thing or two about free trials and knows how to maximize them to their advantage. You can come in, give them what they want, and you can easily have a solid opt-in offer to show what your brand and services are about. Make sure that the trials are focused on solution-oriented outputs because these are the type of outcomes your high-quality leads are looking for; they don't want to waste their time because they already know what they are looking for--they just need the right business to give them what they need.

Be ready to shell out a budget for paid media

A quick, easy and effective way to get your brand's name out there and establish a presence is through paid media. Learn more about paid media channels like Google Search where you can reach your target audience without spending so much time and effort on SEO strategies. Facebook and Instagram are also common channels that offer a variety of ad formats, from single image ads to carousel ads. These channels also offer detailed demographic information so you can apply them to your other marketing activities. Another paid media channel to explore is LinkedIn ads. The truth is, the tech niche audience you want to attract might be spending more time on a more formal, industry expert-filled platform like LinkedIn as they search for expensive, high-tech solutions. Of course, native advertising platforms are not to be missed either--these offer a higher click-through rate as they can easily blend in a website's organic content, and as you know, today's smart and savvy customers highly value branded content.

Don't miss out on the opportunities for organic content

Recent industry reports continue to show that 78% of tech B2B marketers still believe in content as an effective way to generate leads. Every Ebook, infographic, webinar, blog, and social media post you set out in the digital space for everyone's consumption should offer valuable information to your audience. This will help show that your brand is a reliable thought leader in such a niche industry, allowing you to gain the attention and trust of your prospects. SEO is also essential in your wording, as you want to target the critical keywords of your industry. This means you need to focus on how your potential lead is looking for you on the search engine. For example, include long-tail keywords like "how can I increase sales for my tech business."

Which of these tactics will be most effective for your tech marketing campaigns? Which ones will effectively help bring in high-quality leads for your business?