June 2nd, 2021

The One-Page B2B Tech Marketing Funnel

Blurb: A one-page marketing funnel is a simple approach, but it’s been tried and tested to work again and again!

A single landing page for your product or service that can be used to convert traffic into customers? Sounds like an easy and effective strategy to do. Well, as a matter of fact, a one-age B2B tech marketing funnel is a favored approach to take in B2B tech lead generation. Big IT firms have constantly used this strategy, and it can work for you too--all you need is to find that established audience that's searching for all the solutions and products you have. And believe us, they're just out there!

Learn the top keywords your audience is looking for

Pick keywords that have some search volume, ideally those that are searched at least 100 times per month. Typically, you'll be needing the top 5-10 keywords that your potential customers often type on search engines when looking for your product or service. This should be backed by data--and you can use tools like Google Keyword Planner to help you with this. It's free and easy to use. You can enter a URL to your current site or maybe even your competitor's page, and it will start to generate suggestions for keywords you may want to use.

Build your landing page

Now it's time to get started with developing your landing page. Design-wise, keep in mind that it should incorporate your branding. It's a form of marketing material for your brand, after all. Focus on showcasing what your audience wants to see, like clear images of how your product or service will be able to impact them positively.

As for the content, how should you write it? Take a customer-first approach, which means you'll be needing to use the word “you” a lot. Next, make sure to seamlessly include the keywords you’ve listed – this way, you can phrase your sentences according to your customer's language, and this will also help increase your rank in search engines as well as your ad quality score.

Often, the content should consist of these essentials: A clear-cut definition of your products and services; a depiction of what they'll receive if they choose your solution, and what they’ll miss if they don’t; your customers' pain points so they know that you do get them and what they need and want; some social proof or testimonials from satisfied customers and recommendations from reliable entities; and finally, a very clear call to action.

Not getting enough traffic? Use paid ads and retarget marketing

Obviously, your main intent is to drive your page to people who have a high purchase intent. You've worked so hard building this one-page funnel, so you want to get some "Buy" button action. But what if you're not getting that? It's time to use paid ads as a backup strategy. Most B2B tech firms like yours use Google Search Ads because it's where you can easily target people who are almost convinced to buy your solutions.

In this case, social ads are less effective in generating conversion because your audience isn't particularly searching for high-stake solutions that you offer when they're only browsing on their social media accounts. This usually just works well for lower-ticket items (like event signups or low-cost consumer goods).

That said, if you're still looking into social ads as part of your strategy, you can consider retargeting. Compared to target new audiences, you'll get a lower cost-per-click because you're focusing on people who are already familiar with your business and services.

Will you consider a One-Page B2B Tech Marketing Funnel as part of your future strategies? How do you think this will effectively convert leads into sales?