April 30th, 2021

The Quick Guide to B2B Lead Magnets

When you want to attract new B2B leads for your brand and business, the so-called magnets are highly essential. In fact, it can increase opt-in rates by 85%. You're probably familiar with this by now. You've done everything from white papers to templates to checklists--and it's an understatement to say you've made so much effort producing them.

So you can't help but wonder, exactly what could be going wrong? Why are the figures for your ROI still not hitting your target goals?

Take a quick refresher and learn more from this quick guide. You'll be kissing goodbye to a bone-dry sales funnel in no time!

Provide high-value content

It's easy to get caught up with the idea that as long as you're releasing content out there, it's going to do some high-value returns for you. So you publish as much as you can, focusing more on quantity more than quality. Maybe it's time to change the strategy; maybe it's not about the number of content you put out there, but it's about how they're actually interesting and useful to the right audience while staying relevant and connected to your business. In developing your content, you should conduct thorough research on your target market's needs, challenges, and current trends. Make sure to include expert insights or interviews to establish credibility.

Make attractive and cohesive designs

It's a rule of thumb to focus on the visuals. What's quality content going to attract when it's not complemented by a well-curated design? In designing your B2B lead magnet, make sure to include clear and concise headlines, easy-to-read fonts, and attractive modern images that are all cohesive to your brand's design and colors. It should also be easy to navigate so the layout should be consistent. You can also make use of multimedia elements like videos, audio files, infographics, and links to other interesting sites, just to spice up your layout.

Accessibility is a priority

Your efforts in curating and designing your B2B lead magnets should pay off so they should be easily accessible on all your platforms. For instance, your B2B lead magnet should be prominently placed on your website homepage or should at least have an easy-to-find tab on your main menu. You can also design a pop-up linking to it. Make sure to use clear and concise titles and descriptions that will easily capture the attention of your readers. In this case, strong adjectives are highly encouraged.

You can also use your social media and other online channels to promote your B2B lead magnets. Regularly schedule posts on Facebook or Instagram with attractive graphics and wordings linking to the B2B lead magnets (make sure they're always fresh and never reposted or recycled content). It's also a great idea to share them on your email list or post them on relevant blogs and forums.

Create a convenient landing page for signing up

This is the part where you can hopefully transform your reader traffic into active B2B leads. Signing up for anything is an inconvenience for anyone living in this fast-paced era, so you need to design a landing page that's simple and easy to navigate. It should include a short description of what your B2B lead magnet is about and what benefits they could have if they sign up. If possible, phrase them in bullet points. And finally, the form should be easy to fill out--don't ask for too many details and provide questions that need long answers. Just gather everything that you need in one go.

Are you ready to start creating more B2B lead magnets that are efficiently curated and can help you hit your target ROI? See the difference your new strategies can bring in attracting new B2B leads!