Quick End-of-Year B2B Marketing Planning Tips to Start 2021 Right

December 4th, 2020

Tips to scale your business for this holiday season

The more impactful your B2B marketing strategy on the holiday season is, the more profitable it will become.

The holiday season has always represented a massive opportunity for businesses. While your customers are more likely to spend money, the holidays season can be a challenging time to market your business. With all of the clatter of businesses, retailers, family and friends competing for your customers /clients’ attention, it can be tough to get your business in front of them.

Here are some ways to scale your business this Holiday Season

Show how grateful and say thank you to your customers / clients

The holiday season is all about spreading joy and happiness and for B2B companies, it is about expressing gratitude. Show appreciation by saying thank you to the people who contribute your business’ success: your clients.

Avoid making sales call, but instead make a personalized holiday greeting call or send a greetings email. Thank your loyal customers / clients during the holidays, with specific details about why you liked working with them, so it is clear this is not a generic message. You can also offer exclusive Holiday offers or loyalty rewards to them. This simple gesture like this can encourage sales and repeat business.

Leverage your mailing lists

With major events coming all at once—COVID-19, the recent 2020 elections, and holidays—consumers will be swamped with advertising around the Internet. Given this perfect storm, it could be easier to hit the target clients in their inboxes. And if they sign up for emails from your business, it means they have had good experiences and trust your brand. They are more likely to buy from you than thousands of other stores vying for their attention.

Spend time on Social Media

People in general spend more time on social media during the holiday season. Social media is the medium people use to share their lives, including their holiday festivities. This is a great opportunity reach your audience to get your message in front of them. This the reason why your B2B holiday marketing plans should include social media marketing. Sharing more content on social media more frequently this Holiday season allows you to reach your audience better.

Give back

Find ways to give back while engaging with your customers. Think of ways to give to those in need while keeping your business top-of-mind with customers. It can as a simple fund raising, food drive or a donation to a local charity. Post news of contributions and photos of any activities or donations on your website and share through social channels. However, whatever you do, be sure make it about giving back and not promoting your business. Just knowing your company lent a helping hand during the holidays – and COVID-19 Pandemic goes a long way.

Introduce New Products or services

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to introduce any new products or services. People are all looking for that unique, new item to give their loved ones, and a new product or service is just the thing to get them excited about buying from you.

Wrapping Up

You have to create a Holiday marketing campaign in a way that is going to hit the best holiday atmosphere. That being said: pay attention to relevant content and timing. Content that speaks to consumers and knowing when to give it to your audience -- these two things play an important role in your marketing efforts. Make it about your customers / clients. Your Holiday efforts will propel you into the new year and help create the momentum you need to grow like never before.