Banner IPOs. Multiple X Exits. And some great failures (but the rides were amazing.)
We’ve seen quite a bit of action.

Purplepatch works with numerous venture-backed start-ups—right from when the founders raise a sub-million seed to when their products gain market-fit and scale to next rounds. We offer a unique Contract Marketing Officer service that helps start-ups scale rapidly without having to invest in a marketing department early on, when they are still building product and exploring market-fit.

Our Contract Marketing services include:
  • Helping founders with early pitch decks and market research into addressable markets, serviceable markets, analysts’ research
  • Creating rapid UX and UI screens to demonstrate product experiences
  • Early content publishing to gain thought leadership and test the space
As start-ups scale and gain product-market fit, our services evolve alongside to offer:
  • Product marketing support—solution sheets, data sheets, and technical content
  • Creating buyer personas, ideal customer profiles, and account intelligence
  • Enabling sales teams with outbound, inbound, and 1:1 conversation with prospects in targeted accounts
  • Delivering “warm” conversations for further follow-up
While scale is critical, it is also important to build position dominance and brand awareness, where we help start-ups establish pole positions:
  • Develop the narrative and story-telling
  • Create compelling content assets—whitepapers, videos, sales conversations
  • Create conversations with our IT Services clientele to explore partnerships
  • Enable conversations with analysts to create the space or occupy a white space
  • Articulate the prospect value proposition that evinces interest

Oh yes, we still do the regular things—refresh websites, develop content, run campaigns, and work as an agency. Contact our start-up marketing team