Designing engaging experiences reduce friction in content consumption for your buyers, prospects, and product users.

At Purplepatch, we consider the B2B buying experience to extend across your product or services’ online and offline presence—from the corporate website to product user experience to physical events and tradeshows, innovation centers, and so on.


Our experience design experts work with you to scale your brand and content to stunning, engaging, and finely-detailed websites that are responsive, secure, and easily manageable on robust content management systems.

As we plan the navigation, we are always thinking of the buyers and what they will want to explore, and design to those user needs and increase stickiness.

We partner with marketing automation platforms and bring deep experience in integrating forms, email platforms, chat bots, and tracking codes to your website, while also optimizing it for search.

As part of every page, we ensure there is a consistent audience engagement with the right blogs, thought leadership content and videos, infographics, and customer stories.


With the increasing adoption of Software-as-a-Service platforms and products, it is critical that the corporate website and the software applications residing behind the login are designed to be seamless and frictionless.

Our team of UX designers and UI developers work with B2B customers in delivering beautiful and highly adopted interaction design in applications as diverse as web-based financial trading to mobile applications.

  • Products that last
  • Analyze, iterate, and improve
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Planning out detail
  • Understanding your users
  • Developing a design strategy
  • Generating ideas