The Future of B2B Marketing:

A Strategic Approach to the Borderless Enterprise and the Age of AI

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Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing has drastically transformed, from its roots in face-to-face transactions and print advertisements to its current state of being a dynamic, digitally-driven field. 

As companies have grown and expanded their operations, geographical boundaries that once dictated the scope and reach of businesses have begun to blur. This phenomenon has given birth to the concept of the borderless enterprise — a business model that operates seamlessly on a global scale, unhindered by traditional territorial limitations.

B2B Marketing in a Borderless Enterprise

Our latest ebook takes a deep dive at the unique challenges — and unparalleled opportunities — of B2B marketing in a borderless enterprise.

Among the key insights discussed are:
  • Content strategy in a borderless enterprise (page 4)
  • Top 4 influencing decisions before accepting a B2B sales meeting (page 6)
  • How A.I. is automating and aiding marketing decisions (page 8)
  • Reshaping go-to-market strategies in product companies (page 11)
  • The role of service firms in the SaaS, cloud and automation world (page 13)
  • How should B2B marketers evolve in this new normal? (page 14)

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The new normal in B2B marketing is complex but filled with opportunities. 

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