Big Botts rebrands as Aligned Automation, pursues a data-inspired
transformation offering to customers

Big Botts, a Texas-based business and technology consulting company, approached us to help with their marketing. After initial discussions and whiteboarding with the leadership, the company’s offerings—initially just consulting—went deeper into helping their customers in their digital transformation journeys.

We challenged the leadership about the name and they were happy to reconsider it in light of the fact that they realized their services are far more impactful than their practice of robotic process automation (after which they had named the company.)

After many deliberations, we all were happy with Aligned Automation: how they help their customers’ business units align around data-driven insights, and then drive automation to accelerate their digital transformation.

Branding: We created a simple, yet bold and elegant brand identity of two A’s overlapping, intertwined, and used Gotham as the font of choice. The resulting branding delighted the client and they ran a “smell” test with their customers, who responded very positively to both the name and the branding.

Website: A typical consulting company would usually use the standard navigation of Services, Partnerships, Solutions, About etc. We decided to challenge this, and created a buyer-focused website. The key buyer personas are business heads, transformation leaders, and the C-suite who are looking at improving internal processes, executing on new opportunities, and scaling efficiency without losing edge.

Our client offered two core services:

Data Services and Transformation Services. The engagement model through which they offer these two services is called Fast90—how they deliver outcomes in 90 days or less.