As wearables, personalized devices, and apparel become unique to every human’s individualized needs, the concept of haptics is a powerful actuator of signals and feedback.

Novasentis is a Berkeley-based company that is developing cutting edge haptics using piezo-electric material to deliver highly sensitive, very low power and foot-print solutions for different use cases—from wearables to AR/VR devices, medical and sports equipment, apparel etc.

The client had achieved some key design wins with some of the large Silicon Valley companies that were launching experiential devices and platforms, and the leadership was seeking to launch the company in a formal ‘come-out’ event. As the SID’s marketing partner of choice, they contacted us to explore possibilities.

We suggested the CES and SID’s DisplayWeek as two events, and worked with the client to build out a full marketing roll-out: from website to event execution, sales presentations, videos, public relations, and investor pitches. In the next 90 days, we launched the cutting-edge haptics technology for the experiential market.


Since Novasentis products are consumed in the OEM design, it was important to showcase how the haptics experience could transform existing product design. We worked with the technical team to build content that is more “consumable” by marketing, sales, and business units at larger enterprises. We defined the buyer personas and their content journeys, and helped design the website to deliver an engaging and informative solution-led experience. Since the product is very new, we created a series of videos to explain the use-cases and benefits.

Once the site was completed, we worked to create their exhibition experience—using haptics to deliver a unique customer experience—on walls, carpets, tables, and other surfaces that transformed a small space into a magical tactile environment.

At DisplayWeek, we helped them win one of the Top 10 innovations awards, and executed a full PR exercise for media interviews, panel discussions, and product demonstration.

Novasentis has since been acquired, and continues to grow their innovation.