Italian product company launches America business, scales with focus on retail industry transformation

ORS Group is a Milan, Italy based product company that has built a strong portfolio of products in the supply chain space to leverage data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to drive real-time sense-and-respond capabilities in different points of the chain—from planning to procurement to production to distribution to retail allocation to customer service.

The client approached us to help enter the U.S. market and scale their customer acquisition process, as they saw the retail industry in America ready for disruption.

Positioning: We reviewed the suite of products and their applications in customer use cases, and agreed to position the offering as Algorithmic Decision Automation. The ORS platform can digest diverse data sources, compute real-time algorithmic scenarios, and even automate the decision making process for many business cases. Once this was agreed on, we launched the next steps.


Website: We created a new URL specific to the US Retail Market, and launched a full-blown website targeting the retail buyers—from planners to procurement to production and distribution buyers. Since most clients struggle with the data part, we created a simple try-and-scale model where client users can bring their excel sheets (mostly where data is stored), export them to our client platform, and start seeing the results of real-time data driven business transformation.

Evangelism: This concept is disruptive to the retail industry, and requires a strong evangelism to help address concerns, drive the message of real-time decision making, and visibility in the supply chain. Our content plan addressed these needs, and we continue to build out digital assets for the entire funnel.


Demand Generation: Since the client has a very thin presence in the U.S., we took the responsibility of driving demand generation for them. We are creating a pipeline of opportunity conversations that are converting into strong leads.


Data + Decisions + Automation = Satisfied Customers + Revenue Growth + Extra Cash